Words I haven’t said
    Poison my thoughts
    And the pictures I see
    Kill me from the inside out
    I don’t know where you’re going
    And my goodbye falls short
    It’s like I’ve been here before
    Down and out my friend
    Down and out again

    And then years later
    I hear your name
    And back I go
    Drowning in the deep end
    Just like those nightmares
    That I used to have
    You leave me breathless again

    So on and on I’ve gotten good
    At saying I’m alright
    And that everything’s okay
    But the lumps in my throat
    Let me know
    Just how far from the truth
    That really is

    And then years later
    I hear your name
    And back I go
    Drowning in the deep end
    Just like those nightmares
    That I used to have
    You leave me breathless again

    And as the day comes to an end
    I’m still here
    breaking my heart for you
    Writing songs you’ll never hear
    I’d do it all again if I could
    I wouldn’t change a thing
    My dear you know I’m no good


    — (c) -Devin Ochoa (via pickledorgasm)

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    My boo yenbugg

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    Buffy breast feeds Cody on Sesame Street (x)

    This was 1976. Big Bird understood and was wholly accepting and empathetic toward Buffy breastfeeding in public, and Big Bird is meant to be the equivalent of a preschool aged child, but every single day on social media, adults exclaim disgust toward breastfeeding in public and misogyny at the parents who do so. People, you’re less evolved than
    Big Bird was 38 years ago. Grow the hell up.
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    omfg reblogging till the end of time

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    I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if you never take it seriously, you never get hurt, you never get hurt, you always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends”

    Almost Famous (2000)
    Cameron Crowe

    favorite movie ever.

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    "I want to throw my hands in the air, after reading a mean Twitter comment, and say, “All right! You got it. You figured me out. I’m not pretty. I’m not thin. I do not deserve to use my voice. I’ll start wearing a burqa and start waiting tables at a pancake house. All my self-worth is based on what you can see.” But then I think, Fuck that. I am not laying in that freshman year bed anymore ever again. I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story — I will. I will speak and share and fuck and love and I will never apologize to the frightened millions who resent that they never had it in them to do it. I stand here and I am amazing, for you. Not because of you. I am not who I sleep with. I am not my weight. I am not my mother. I am myself. And I am all of you, and I thank you."

    Amy Schumer, at the Ms. Foundation for Women Gala

    Read the entire wonderful, inspiring kick-ass speech at link


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Mommy and Daddy spooning and snuggling with their puppies


    Mommy and Daddy spooning and snuggling with their puppies

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    "In San Francisco last year, a man stabbed a woman in the face and arm after she didn’t respond positively to his sexually harassing her on the street.

    In Bradenton, Fla., a man shot a high school senior to death after she and her friends refused to perform oral sex at his request.

    In Chicago, a scared 15-year-old was hit by a car and died after she tried escaping from harassers on a bus.

    Again, in Chicago, a man grabbed a 19-year-old walking on a public thoroughfare, pulled her onto a gangway and assaulted her.

    In Savannah, Georgia, a woman was walking alone at night and three men approached her. She ignored them, but they pushed her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.

    In Manhattan, a 29-year-old pregnant woman was killed when men catcalling from a van drove onto the sidewalk and hit her and her friend.

    Last week, a runner in California — a woman — was stopped and asked, by a strange man in a car, if she wanted a ride. When she declined he ran her over twice.

    FUCK YOU if you think that street harassment is a “compliment” or “no big deal” or that it’s “irrational” of us to be afraid because “what’s actually gonna happen.” Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you some more."

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    it hurt when I stumbled across her.
    she was like broken glass all along the floor.
    but it was beautiful and my curiosity got the best of me.
    I remember looking at her and all I could see was pain.
    she had this insane look of desperation; you could almost feel it.
    and yet her eyes were still hollow; like the life had been sucked out of her.
    I wanted to pick up her pieces.
    I wanted to put her back together.
    and so I tried. I really did.
    I got a little cut along the way.
    the more I tried to fix her the more fragile I became myself but I didn’t care.
    I wanted to see her happy.
    every time I made her laugh I thought about how I wanted to make her laugh forever.
    she was getting better.
    eventually she was put together enough to get up and walk away.
    but she didn’t take me with her.
    and I’ve been stuck sitting here where I first found her.
    wondering if the pieces left on the floor are hers or mine.
    I should probably get the fuck up.



    This actually fucking hurt to read.


    Oh my god, this is so heartbreaking yet so fucking beautiful to read. Just wow, I’m speechless.

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